• LAMENT OF THE EARTH, extended version for soprano, visual vernacular / movements and tape, stereo 2022;
  • LAMENT OF THE EARTH, acousmatic piece, stereo . Premiere at Belgian Music Days 2022
  • ODE TO LIFE  acousmatic piece / sound installation
    (supported by IN SITU platform, in the frame of the ACT project, co- funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union)
  • Colors (after Joan Miró), cello & electronics 2004; 
  • Image (text by Eqrem Basha), flute & electronics, 2005;
  • Naissance, multichannel piece, 2006;
  • Kabatronic, viola & tape, 2007;
  • Audelà du rêve, 8 mixed voices, soprano ocarina & tape 2008;
  • Aura I (vocalise), soprano, mezzo-soprano, clarinet, 2 violins, 2 violas, 3 percussion & electronics 2009;  World Premiere in International Festival “ReMusica” Kosovo.
  • Butterfly’s Whisper, voice, bas clarinet & electronics 2010;
    World Premiere in International Festival “ReMusica” Kosovo
  • Sophies world, acousmatic piece, stereo, 2010; 
  • Nuit Bleue (after Frédéric Chopin), stereo, 2010; 
  • The echoes of the Crying Earth , acousmatic piece 2011;
  • World Premiere “ElectroBelge” Panorama of electroacoustic music in Belgium 
  • Unspoken, acousmatic piece, stereo, 2012;
  • Emotion Machine, acousmatic piece, stereo 2012
  • Within (Emotion Machine II), acousmatic piece, stereo, 2012; World Premiere “ElectroBelge” Panorama of electroacoustic music in Belgium (supported by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles)
  • Ensueño, acousmatic piece, stereo 2013
  • Voyage vers l’inconnu, acousmatic piece, stereo 2014
  • V for LoVe acousmatic piece, stereo 2015
  • Lux Sit acousmatic piece, stereo 2015
  • In between (Lux sit ) revisited version acousmatic piece, stereo 2016
  • Life in Slow Motion (ballet in 7 scenes, choreography by Filibertt Tologo, scenario by Doruntina Basha), electroacoustic, stereo, 2007
  • Aura II (text by Robert Lax), mixed chorus, violin, small orchestra (piano, percussion, strings), electronics, stereo, 2010



  • U ime Oca / In the Name of the Fatherjoint Austrian-Bosnian production, by the National Theater of Tuzla and The Alpha Group production company. The play is a documentary-dance piece directed by Darrel Toulon. World Premiere: National Theatre of Tuzla (BH), March 2019; Sarajevo War Theatre October 2019 ; Srebrenica October 2019
  • INSANE – participative and immersive project mixing installations, soundscapes and  performances, directed by Zineb Benzekri
    • Ode to Life acousmatic piece / sound installation in the frame of HAPU – Festival of Art in Public Space, organized by Teatri ODA, 2019
    • SARABANDE music and sound design for the documentary about the virtuoso guitarist Petrit Ceku; movie by Kaltrina Krasniqi, 2018
    • Juliet No Romeo, music for the ballet; choreography by Darrel Toulon
    • Cka mbine se pari kur kallet bota, music for the multimedia theatre play by Flutra Zymi 2015 
    • “Tregimi per zoteriun e vogel” (incidental music, play by Blerta Rrustemi – Neziraj) – Multimedia Center, 2011
    • Sytë e gjyshes Grandmothers eyes (incidental music, play by Arif Demolli),youth actors, child actors, puppets, 2000;
    • Life in Slow Motion (ballet in 7 scenes, choreography by Filibertt Tologo, scenario by Doruntina Basha), stereo, 2007


  • String Quartet, ‘Sauts‘, 2002; 
  • B (theatrical word game, text from the letter “B”), soprano, double bass, piano, accordion, 2003; 
  • Move (theatrical word game, vocalise), mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, piano, 2006; 
  • Le rire perdu, 3 clarinets, 2007; 
  • First Step, 4 percussion, 2008; 
  • 9, trombone, 2-track tape, 2010 


  • The Red Room, multichannel piece, animation (video projection by Shpend Gashi), 2006
  • “9” – International documentary and short film festival – Prizren, KOSOVO